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“Joyful! A corps de ballet of beauty and style, led by stylish and gifted principals.”

“Sheer magic! Every soloist received well deserved applause!” VESTI (Italy)

“The Russian National Ballet Theatre which has a full roster of stars presented SWAN LAKE. The audience was so excited that it did not want to leave the theatre, saying: “It is a great pleasure to touch such high art! We dream to see more performances that are so wonderful!”

“The audience was engrossed in the production of SWAN LAKE. The music of Tchaikovsky, white swans, beautiful costumes, and superb choreography and scenery thrilled the public. Huge applause accompanied the brilliant dance of each soloist as well as the leading pair!”

“Expectations were high for this performance, given that Boston has a respectable Russian and European citizenry. Judging from the applause and comments heard in the hallways afterward, they weren’t disappointed. The Sofia Symphony performed well and gave us some moments that added immeasurably to this ballet experience. The production managed to make its own special magic and hold the audience attention throughout, and won over a lot of hearts Friday evening, in a touching and heartfelt performance. Well done!”
OPERAONLINE.US – Paul Walkowski – April 2005
(Performance at Majestic Theater, Boston)

“Dancers Goloubev and Kungurtseva deliver superb performances. The Russian National Ballet Theatre’s performance of SLEEPING BEAUTY at the Kravis Center included the extraordinary dancing of some soloists…this and the magnificent scenery and costumes and a 50 - member orchestra made the evening enjoyable. A highlight included the magnificently performed and seldom seen “epailement” of the female dancers. Dimitri Goloubev was superb as the wicked fairy…total dramatic integrity. The Lilac Fairy (R. Petrova) was dramatically and skillfully superb. Also beautifully performed were the series of “port de bras” performed by the female corps. The teen age Aurora (Natalia Kungurtseva) gave us our first thrill at watching an outstanding beautiful dancer. Every little movement was exquisite. It was a privilege to see her perform. Her dancing was about total beauty. The final scene featured more dancing by Desire (Max Romanov) and Aurora, and once again my heart skipped a beat in reaction to their degree of skill and presentation.”
PALM BEACH DAILEY NEWS – F.R. Jellineck - April 2005
(Performance at Kravis Center, Palm Beach, FL)

“I’ll bet hundreds of people were as enchanted as my daughter and I were at the performance of SLEEPING BEAUTY at the Coronado Theatre. The company was the Russian National Ballet Theatre of Moscow. Although there were dozens of children in the audience, the ones around me sat silent and enthralled. The orchestra was just as stellar as the dance company. It was truly magic.”
ROCKFORD REGISTER STAR – Judy Emerson – April 2005
(Performance at Coronado Theatre – Rockford, IL)
April 22, 2005

“Dearest Jenny and Giorgio,
The Ballet was stupendous!!!!! I cannot thank you enough for bringing the excellence of your opera and now ballet companies into our city. We had a full house (2,300) and not one disappointed patron. I have received calls already this morning thanking me, and YOU deserve all the thanks. WOW! What a high we are on!”
Mary Ann Smith
General Manager, Rockford Coronado Concerts
(Performance of SWAN LAKE at CORONADO THEATRE, Rockford, IL)

April 11, 2005
“Jenny, I LOVED THE BALLET! Elena Evseeva was magnificent.
When she danced as Odette the movements she made with her head, neck and arms were so bird-like. She was truly remarkable. I loved THE FOOL and ROTHBART. They were both dynamic dancers. The SWAN corps de ballet danced as one. I cannot tell you how amazed and impressed I was with the performance. It was truly a spectacular evening. EVERYONE I talked to truly enjoyed it!”
Margaret Vetter, Administrator – Festival of Fine Arts
(Performance at Branscomb Memorial Auditorium – Lakeland, FL)

April 14, 2005
“Dear Jenny,
Thank you for SLEEPING BEAUTY. The dancing was superb. We were sold out and everyone loved it. They inspired a much deserved, spontaneous, vocal standing ovation at the end. We will definitely have them back next time they tour. Thank you again.”
Naomi Buck
Vice President – Production/Programming – Naples Phil. Center
(Performance at Naples Philharmonic Center, Naples, FL)

April 19, 2005
I was delighted, as was our audience, with the performance of SWAN LAKE by the Russian National Ballet Theatre of Moscow. Beautiful sets and costumes with strong principal dancers made for a memorable evening. A real plus was the live accompaniment of the Sofia Symphony Orchestra.”
Milton Russos, Executive Director
FCCJ Artists Series
(Performance at Moran Theatre, Jacksonville, FL)

April 25, 2005
“Hi Jenny,
The performance was very well received. Odette was very strong. Masterful as well as elegant. I look forward to working with you again. You did deliver as promised.”
Robert Meyers, Director
Emens Auditorium, Ball State University

April 25, 2005
Great performance. The dancers were amazing and the live orchestra really added to the performance.”
Kimberly Mouser, Ass. Director
University Concert Series, University of MO – Columbia, MO
(Performance at Jesse Auditorium – Columbia, MO)

April 2007
"The show was wonderful!!!!! Beautiful costumes, the dancers were all incredible, and the staging was excellent. Our audience loved the show and felt it was the best we have ever had here. Congratulations to you! I really liked them taking their bows in front of the curtain, They made a special connection to the audience with it. BRAVO! Tonight's show sold 1070 seats out of 1100.
Deb McCasland, Community Events Manager
Yavapai College
Prescott, AZ 86301

April 2007
Ballet was very good. They did a superb job. The show was very well received.
Kris Sabel
Vilar Center, Vale, CO

April 2007
"Jenny: It was great to work with you and I look forward to putting something together for next season - I'll be in touch next week."
Sandy Richmond
GM, Lyric Opera House, Baltimore, MD

April 2007
They LOVED it!!! At both venues, in Kansas and Missouri, the house staff remarked on the large numbers of tickets sold for a ballet. The audience was very pleased and had a standing ovation that went on and on. I overheard remarks after the show about how they liked the costumes and the classic painted backdrops with little furniture. They also loved the music and the dancers.”
Robin Grant, Photographer

Good to have ballet back
“The green curtain came down on the 2006-2007 McCain Performance Series this past Saturday evening in true grand finale form with a lavish presentation by the Moiseev Russian Classical Ballet of the timeless Tchaikovsky-Petipa masterpiece, Sleeping Beauty, for an enthusiastic and attentive crowd of nearly 1,200 that filled the auditorium's downstairs and lower balcony. It was a real treat to witness the return of ballet to McCain after lo these many years. To be sure, there's been some dancing on view there. But ballet, like opera, is an intense and complex collaboration between live performance artists on a stage and live instrumental artists in an orchestra pit, the two groups kept connected, appropriately, by a conductor—and that we haven't seen recently. Led with infectious gusto by Alexey Osetrov, our pit band played with energy, brio, and sensitivity. It's easy to see why this Perrault fairy tale makes such an appealing mime-dance drama. The struggle of good and evil, being on the one hand bedrock basic and on the other obstinately fathomless, is equally accessible to old and young. Also easy to see is why Petipa's choreography has proven just as enduring as Tchaikovsky's voluptuous score. It's an elegant, exciting, detailed script, still bright and bubbly after all this time, that lets a troupe, collectively and individually, dazzle us with the full scope of their talent. Best of all, it's entertaining, witty, often just plain funny. Our artists proved more than capable of meeting its many technical and artistic challenges. Natalia Kungurtzeva's Aurora was always the perfectly poised princess, on point and off, and that Audrey Hepburnish gamin smile did nothing to diminish her regal charm. As the hero prince who rescues his beloved and her entire kingdom with a single kiss, Valeri Schumilov vaulted and spun with a gallant and noble authority. Vladimir Moiseev's hilariously terrifying Carabosse Fairy dominated every scene "she" invaded, even when in retreat from the greater magic of Elena Smoltzova's serenely magisterial Fairy of Lilac. The nursery story menagerie whose serial antics liven up the wedding celebration gave the company's second tier a chance to display its impressive skills. Our crowd was audibly amused by the sad saga of Red Riding Hood and her Wolf, and the paw boxing of the two twitter patted white cats. But it was the stunning leaps of Khasan Usmanov's Blue Bird that blew them away, drawing gasps and spontaneous applause. We can only hope that this is but the first of many visits by this worthy company.”
MANHATTAN MERCURY NEWS – Ben Nyberg – April 2007

April 2007
About – Prokofiev’s ROMEO AND JULIET – Rockford, IL
“It was wonderful! The dancers were consistently very good. I was quite impressed with the heights some of the men achieved. The costumes and sets were also very good. Overall, a very impressive evening.
Helen Hill
Rockford Coronado Concerts
(about performance of ROMEO AND JULIET at Coronado Theatre, Rockford, IL)

April 2007
“Jenny, the ballet was lovely. Dancing and sets were wonderful, almost magical. It looked great in the Coronado Theatre. It was very well received, and we had lots and lots of kids in our audience. A dream come true.“
Mary Ann Smith
General Manager, Rockford Coronado Concerts
(Performance of ROMEO AND JULIET at CORONADO THEATRE, Rockford, IL

Russian National Ballet’s double feature: “Romeo and Juliet” and “Sleeping Beauty” provide a charm-filled, romantic weekend experience for all.
Paul Joseph Walkowski - OperaOnline.us - April 2008

“The Russian National Ballet Theatre and Orchestra, under the direction of Alexey Vladimirovitch Osetrov delivered a truly moving, colorful and charm-filled evening performance that seduced and thrilled the audience at Emerson’s Cutler Majestic Theater in Boston. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! From a splendid performance by the orchestra, to artful stage direction by Evgen Amosov (artistic director), brilliant choreography by L. Lavrovsky, particularly the recurring and ominous theme of “Dance of the Knights,” that was absolutely hypnotic, to the deft use of – no, not deft, inspired use of lighting by D. Danilov, this production soared into and clear through the stratosphere, and never once let the audience down. Everything about this show was spectacular, including some very realistic, clanging sword fighting.

What always fascinates me about this art form is that it is the only one where not a word is spoken and every emotion is conveyed by gesture, body movement and music. Here, not even someone unfamiliar with ballet, or even this particular story, would have had difficulty figuring out what was going on on stage; the talent of this cast was that strong.

Hats off to some pretty elegant dancing by Natalia Kungurtseva, as Juliet, a special salute to Vladimir Moiseev, the company’s general manager, and last evenings flying, Tybalt (nice sword fighting skills along with Khasan Usmanov, who danced the role of Mercutio (Romeo’s friend) and Tybalt’s fighting nemesis), a very regal salute to the statuesque performances of Oleg Trusov (Juliet’s father) and A. Chuykova, Juliet’s mother, who although their roles weren’t big, left a lasting impression nonetheless because of their superb communicative skills, and last, of course, Romeo, danced by Mr. Stoianov who gave a passionate and high-flying performance in all other respects. In sum, this ballet and this performance was a sure winner in Boston and a delight to the lucky audience that sat in attendance for Saturday evening’s show.”

“Once again, the Russian National Ballet Theatre and Orchestra provided Boston audiences with an enjoyable afternoon of color, dance and fun, this time with Tchaikovsky’s “Sleeping Beauty.” It was a double-feature weekend in Boston to our complete satisfaction. I must hand it to this touring company; its stamina is impressive with performances of “Romeo and Juliet” Friday and two shows Saturday, and a matinee of “Sleeping Beauty” on Sunday..

Her, the Princess Aurora and her Royal Family are cursed at her birth by the evil witch, Carabosse, performed wonderfully and with humorous animation by Dimitri Goloubev to die from a spindle of flowers given to her at her coming of age party, but is saved from death by the good Lilac Fairy, performed with beauty and grace by V. Kershis. Death will not take the Princess, but rather, sleep – for a hundred years after which she and her Royal Family will be spared when a prince, Prince Desire, danced by Olexander Stoianov, kisses the sleeping Princess and awakens her. Performances for this ballet were uniformly good, with some outstanding choreography M. Petipa, especially the ensembles by the various Fairies and other characters that appeared in the final Act, the wedding.

A special well-done must go to Katerina Kukhar, who danced the role of the Princess and the very talented Olexander Stoianov who danced the role of Prince Desire. As with “Romeo and Juliet” this ballet is geared toward the audience and is, for the most part, understandable to adults and children, of which there was a healthy mix in attendance at all performances. Colorful, musically friendly, well acted, choreographed and danced superbly, with just a few hard landings from some dancers (clump, clump, clump is not what I expect to hear at a ballet), and accompanied by a rich-sounding, inspired orchestra, under the direction of Maestro Osetrov this double bill has to be rated a huge success for ballet audiences who enjoy the music and pageantry and who see far too little of this beautiful art form. Bravo to Russian National Ballet Theatre and Orchestra for two great shows.“

April 2008
“Jenny, It was gorgeous, I am so glad I found you. Everyone loved it. They were superb dancers. The show came off beautifully -- and even with all the languages they were very easy to work with. Your drops are beautiful as are the costumes, but the dancers were just wonderful. Thanks!!
Can't wait for the next year with the 2 operas and a ballet.”
Deborah Smith
Executive Director
Newberry Opera House, Newberry, SC

April 2008
“Hi Jenny,
I have gotten outstanding reviews for the ballet. (GISELLE) My stage manager (who is also an orchestral player) said the orchestra was great - particularly the viola section (so much for all the viola jokes!). The college president was at the performance, and I'm looking forward to her comments which I will send on to you.”
Larry Burke
Florida Southern College Festival of Fine Arts, Lakeland, FL
(Performance at Branscomb Auditorium)

April 2008
“The audience appeared to enjoy the performance. I heard many good comments when 1700 people came streaming out of the auditorium - people were impressed with the expertise of the dancers. Even the ushers (who tend to be somewhat jaded about performances after all these years) were very complimentary.”
Ann Dawson
Van Wezel Perf. Arts Center, Sarasota, FL

April 2008
“The ballet was great! We had a nice crowd, but it’s Swan Lake! It seems to sell better than all the others. Vladimir was very charming and did a great job as well.”
Milton A. Russos
Executive Director
FCCJ Artist Series, Jacksonville, FL
(Performance at Moran Theatre)

April 2008
All my guests that went said it was beautiful and loved it!!

April 2008
“My assistant gave me a glowing report about Swan Lake. She particularly thought the orchestra and costuming were excellent and she is a musician. A very enthusiastic standing ovation!
Robert A. Freedman
President and CEO- Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater



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